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safety tips for fireworks

Fireworks are a safe and very fun way to celebrate when they are used appropriately.

Here's some guidelines to remember when using pyrotechnics:


Alcohol and/or drugs and fireworks do not mix!

Small children should not handle fireworks and older children should only handle them with close adult supervision.

Never reattempt to light duds.  If the firework fails to light, let it stand for at least 5 minutes and then soak with water.

Follow your state and local laws.

Purchase fireworks from a reliable source.

Light fireworks on hard surfaces.

Your audience should be at least 35 feet away from Safe & Sane items.

Your audience should be at least 150 feet away from Full C / Aerial items.

Do not hold fireworks when lighting them.

Keep as far away as possible when lighting them and move away as quickly as possible.

Use a flashlight to see your lighting site.

Only light one firework product at a time.

Pay attention to the wind.  Make sure the wind is blowing away from your audience.  

Designate someone to be your "fireman" with quick access to a nearby water supply or fire extinguisher.

Brace or bury fireworks so they cannot tip over.

Do not smoke around fireworks.

Dispose of fireworks (used, duds or live) by soaking in water for a few hours and then throwing them in a garbage receptacle. 

Cover unused fireworks so debris cannot fall on them.

Do not aim fireworks at any property or person.  

Store fireworks in a dry place.

Visit these pages for statistics and more information:

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